Circle Paintings


The Circle Paintings are a series of 8 paintings on wood cut into a donut shape. They show the view of my favorite climbing spots in my neighborhood. Climbing trees (and sometimes secretly buildings) is a joy not many people enjoy past their childhood, if at all. I wanted to make paintings that share the perspective of my conquered (you conquer by climbing on something) objects.

Tussen de Groene Corridor en de Blauwe Golven


A documentary about the role of art in public spaces.


The film centres itself around the discussion surrounding the removal/restoration of the public artwork 'the Blue Waves' by Peter Struycken.

DORYOKU aka overwork

I find it interessting how powerful and even more cool suffering is in film and especially anime. 

Does is perhaps have something to do with the intimacy that arises between the viewer and the character? 

All the others in the show are oblivious to the pain ... is going through, only I see him/her.

I can be Harrison Ford too

Harrison Ford is definitely someone I

wouldn't mind being. 

Never mind Indiana Jones, I want to play Harrison Ford in an Indiana Jones film.

I can be Harrison Ford too is an art film about becoming an actor before becoming a character. When you identify with a movie character, you inherently identify with the person playing them.

Erfstuk  (Heirloom)

My grandpa had a small cabinet. When he died I inherited it from him.

When moved it to my room the first thing I thought was: "This is so precious, I really need to make sure I have another one in case something happens to it".

I thought that was really funny so I made a perfect replication with IKEA-esque wood. I wanted to see if the "heirloom" part of a heirloom could be replicated.

No More Hugh Laurie

House M.D. was a hit TV-show that aired in 2014. 

Once I finished binging all 8 seasons I started reading FanFiction other people wrote about House. I thought this behaviour was very fascinating.

Who would ever think about the decentralization of fiction?

So I wrote an essay on House M.D. accompanied by a FanFiction I wrote to test my theory to it's breaking point.


There is this photograph of David Hockney on the back of the book "David Hockney's dog days" 


In the picture he sits in a comphy chair in front of a wall filled up with his 48 paintings of his two dogs. He had the smug face of someone who has just gotten away with painting their beloved pets, and have that be called top class art by the world.

I wonder if I can wear a face like that if I do the same?


Cosplay (portmanteau of costume-play) is the practice of dressing up as a fictional character. It is one of the most literal ways one can "become" another.

A character is not aware of his existence within a show. But I will have knowledge of the audience. That is why I can confidently sing the themesong to my own show while looking back at the viewer.



Barnaby Book

Can I become Barnaby? Is Barnaby like a fatsuit, something you can zip up over your clothes and behold, now I'm Barnaby?

Do we recognize a character by their insides, or by recognizing the face of the actor playing them?

The Barnaby book is a book consisting of screenshots of Tom Barnaby thoughout his 13 seasons on Midsomer Murders.

barnaby website.png

Boite en Valise by Duchamp, by Me

A good friend of mine introduced me to Marcel Duchamp. 

One day he said he would definatly buy the Boite if it ever landed on an auction.

Of course the Boite is much too expensive, and all available replicas had a criminal lack of details.


But I knew that if I were to make one it would be just as valuable as the "real" one.

boite website.png