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A gang of Jackdaws and Magpies        

woodcut prints on paper
dimension: 35cm x 50cm


I love Jackdaws and Magpies (Kauwtjes en Eksters in Dutch) they gang into big social groups and let themselves be heard all over the cities in the Netherlands. 

They aren't scared of us; they love us for letting them prosper in our fundamentally brick and humanized environment.


Every print is an edition of 5.

Signed and numbered                                                                                                                              €50

Collapsed People

oil paint on paper
dimension: 50cm x 65cm

For me the most interesting part in a fictitious context is when a person/character collapses. There is something catharthic about witnessing artificial suffering. 

We get to experience the full range of "ugly" human emotion, but within the safety of make belief.

signed on the back.                                                                                                             €180 - €290